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Mindset Consulting LLC
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Mindset Consulting LLC Is a New York based Health Care consulting firm with a singular mission: To improve the lives of  our community by helping to establish cutting edge, affordable Health Care across the spectrum of the population. Whether working with Nursing Homes in their special needs population or a payor trying to get improved outcomes, Mindset is committed to the “win-win” scenario – that better outcomes ultimately leads to lower costs.


Health Care in the era of Reform

    In the rapidly-changing world of Health Care, an unprecedented need has emerged: the ability to “unwind” the new regulatory environment and respond to the changes with speed and efficiency.    Mindset Consulting understands WHAT THE MARKET requires , AND HOW BEST TO POSITION an organization for sustainability and improvement. Organizations have a choice: to defend the status quo, or to embrace what this transitional time  offers.    


Mindset Consulting LLC makes sure you have options on the cutting edge.


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